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u're welcome

Posted by LittleRockCreations on Sep 25, 10 2:01 pm · History

P.S. I gave you another wink to add to your beautiful collection. Hit meh back? Muah!

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 21, 10 7:35 pm · History

Hey baby girl! Thanks so much! We are going to have such a great time talking on here! YES!! LOVE IT!xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 21, 10 7:34 pm · History

(just a tid late)-

Happy New Years ^.^!!!!

Posted by Snaily on Jan 2, 10 8:14 pm · History

Thank youuu. =D

Posted by so-sarcastic on Dec 31, 09 2:59 am · History

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Posted by Snaily on Nov 26, 09 1:34 am · History

I like how u do your avaters! they r so kawaii

Posted by Alexis-Blah on Oct 13, 09 11:21 am · History

Thanks for the layout comment :)

Posted by sweetalacrity on Aug 28, 09 11:26 pm · History

Hello! Thanks for the add!

Posted by CandyPop on Aug 23, 09 4:01 pm · History

ello dere stinky tofu xD thanks for the ad!

Posted by koobecaf on Aug 19, 09 10:57 pm · History

Lies. You are much better!

Posted by hiimeka on Aug 1, 09 1:17 am · History

I'm not a fan of anime, but your icons are always beautiful. Your use of color is amazing, and I love how you make simple things look so nice. :)

Posted by schizo on Jul 30, 09 12:58 am · History

IT SURE HAS!!!..How Are You?!*hugs* x)...lolz

Posted by Snaily on Jul 29, 09 6:32 pm · History

ur welcome :]
uhaha, thank you;
theres alot more where that came from; lol

Posted by meggyBEAR on Jul 29, 09 6:09 pm · History

lmao..i know huh? xD..

~take care~

Posted by Snaily on Jul 20, 09 7:49 am · History

thanx for the comment :]
if ur wondering wut the fontz
name is it is called Carnivalee Freakshow;

Posted by meggyBEAR on Jul 19, 09 2:34 am · History

Aww, thanks. :)
I'm glad you like them.

Posted by so-sarcastic on Jun 13, 09 12:33 pm · History

Thank you for favouring my layout! I appreciate it!

Posted by wickedlee on Jun 4, 09 12:15 pm · History

um i think it was already there.. :/ because the style sheet you gave me had the blockquote thing and i just changed the colors and stuff.

Posted by synchrox on May 28, 09 6:28 pm · History

lmao no on my entries.
i clicked the html thingy then pasted the code and wrote what i wanted my blockquote to say and the words showed up but the background color and everything else didnt. :S

Posted by synchrox on May 27, 09 12:46 pm · History

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